About Me

I am Claire, I live in Oxfordshire and I love baking. From cupcakes, to layer cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and everything in between. My Mum has always been a home baker and cook, and I think this is where my love of food comes from. I started to get into cakes and baking after I finished University in 2008 as I finally had my own kitchen to experiment in and the room for my pink KitchenAid, Betsey.

So what else do I enjoy besides baking? FOOD, cooking and being in my little kitchen. I am especially enthusiastic about Mexican Food. Mark (my other half) and I will make it for anyone and everyone who comes to our house, there is so much you can do and it is always delicious.

I am also massively passionate about Criminology, Policing and the Criminal Justice System. I studied it at University and am absolutely obsessed by it. I am very lucky to have a job (which I love) in this field.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would just like to say hello please feel free to email me - bakingclaire@gmail.com

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